Why Kesha Jones?

I started Kesha Jones Strategic Financial Solutions (formerly KJones Consulting LLC) in 2008 to offer comprehensive, tailored accounting services designed to help small and mid-sized companies and nonprofits operate more efficiently and effectively. I simply wanted to provide those in need of critical financial solutions with a smarter way of doing business.

Fitting all the pieces together

I believe you can’t look at your business as a silo, separate from all the other aspects of your life. Your business is an integral piece of the puzzle that is you, and to be successful you have to understand how all the pieces fit together. Your business is constantly changing and moving, because you are. That’s my mission: to help each client make her business flexible enough to manage the twists and turns and overcome hurdles encountered on its path, to adapt and change and grow, and continue to be successful.

If Kesha Jones Strategic Financial Solutions sounds like the kind of financial services partner you are seeking, then I encourage you to contact me today. I will help you focus on what you do best — the revenue-generating activities — while doing my best to make sure you feel confident that your back office is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“Kesha Jones understands the details, and takes a strategic approach to the big picture, the whole structure: she can help you architect your growth and your success.”

Celeste Amato - Executive Director, Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers