Work Life Balance…The Juggle Is Real!

July 17, 2018

I hate using the term “work life balance”.  The word balance implies that everything is equal…that there is a level of perfection.  Let’s be honest…nothing in life is perfect.  As women business owners, we often struggle to reach “work life balance”.  Most of us would even go as far as to say that the reason we started our business was to achieve more “work life balance”.  The reality is that there is no such thing as true work life balance but there is… the Work Life Juggle!

As I like to say…The Juggle is Real!

Even now as I sit down to write this, my mind is going a mile a minute with all my to-do lists…

  • A list for my business
  • A list for my clients
  • A list for my house
  • A list for my husband
  • A list for my children
  • A list for my mom

And then there are sub-lists for the list!  I could go on and on!

We wear a lot of different hats and juggle a ton of different roles in our lives.  But we are only one person and there is but so much time in the day.  So why do we put this undo pressure on ourselves to have a total balance between work and life?  In fact we only have one life which happens to include our work and personal interests.  So instead of looking at it as being in balance, we should look at it in seasons.  As I often say, we can in fact have it all BUT not at the same time!  During the course of our life there is a season for everything, and over the course of our lifetime we can have ALL that we want.

In each season of our lives, what takes priority may shift and that is okay.  As women, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves.  Let’s promise to get comfortable with the season we are in and go with the flow!

“Kesha Jones understands the details, and takes a strategic approach to the big picture, the whole structure: she can help you architect your growth and your success.”

Celeste Amato - Executive Director, Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers