MaryBeth Hyland

May 1, 2018

“As the founder of a startup, I am focused on my craft and don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to have a full grasp on my financials. I knew I was doing well, but I didn’t understand which lines of business my revenue was coming from and how that impacted my overall vision. Kesha-Simone Jones is the PERFECT fit for taking complicated concepts and explaining them to me in my language. She’s so much more than my outsourced CFO, she’s become my cherished friend and a partner in my life’s work.”

-MaryBeth Hyland – Founder & Chief Visionary, SparkVision

“Kesha Jones understands the details, and takes a strategic approach to the big picture, the whole structure: she can help you architect your growth and your success.”

Celeste Amato - Executive Director, Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers