Frankel Sims Law — Learning to Work Smarter, Not Harder

March 27, 2018

The Problem

Frankel Sims Law, a small, woman-owned organization, was doing well overall — the firm was growing steadily, adding clients, and building a solid reputation in their niche. However, the owner of Frankel Sims Law felt that financially speaking, something wasn’t right: namely, their profitability was not in line with how hard they were working. She felt like they should be making more money, and have better cash flow, based on the large (and growing) number of hours she and her team were logging.

The Solution

Kesha Jones was able to help bring Frankel Sims Law back into financial alignment. How? First, we worked to understand their overall operations, learning how the processes that flowed into the financials affected the running of the business. We then provided comprehensive, customized solutions, such as

  • more efficient financial processes,
  • tactics to redefine their ideal client, and
  • improved pricing strategies

We also designed monthly and annual financial strategies that would allow the owner and her team to continue to monitor, and be more proactive about, her ongoing financials.

The Outcome

Kesha Jones Strategic Financial Solutions was able to develop a relationship with Frankel Sims Law by being part of the team — and the solution — that helped them not only learn to improve the way they work, but also to work smarter to achieve their goals.

“By partnering with Kesha Jones, we learned to focus our resources on the most profitable segments of the business, which led to greater financial success.”
— Jane Frankel Sims, Managing Attorney – Frankel Sims Law

“Kesha Jones understands the details, and takes a strategic approach to the big picture, the whole structure: she can help you architect your growth and your success.”

Celeste Amato - Executive Director, Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers